In my private practice I only treat issues related to sexuality. So, eventhough I am a psychologist, I don’t offer treatment of general psychological complaints (such as depression and anxiety). Unfortunately, in the Netherlands, treatment of sexual dysfunctions is no longer covered within the basic insurance (“basisverzekering”). However, some insurance companies do offer compensations within their supplementary options (“aanvullende verzekeringen”). I advise you to check with your insurer. This means that you pay me (cash or bill) and that you are responsible to communicate with your insurance company about possible reimbursements.
A referral letter from your general practitioner is only needed when you required by your insurance company.

The initial session always comprises a full hour at a rate of 120 euros. Follow-up treatment sessions are 45 minutes at 95 euros. When working with couples, sessions usually are 60 minutes (at 120 euros). It is also possible to schedule a longer appointment: 90 minutes at 160 euros. These rates also apply to video call sessions with the additional option of scheduling a video call of 30 minutes at 65 euros.

Currently, I schedule sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. An initial appointment can usually be scheduled within 2 weeks.
Do you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment? That’s no problem, but please give 24 hours notice or you’ll be sent a bill for the missed session.

• Registration as a healthcare psychologist BIG: 39915266725
• Registration as a sexologist NVVS-SH: 20583

Everything you share during sessions will be treated confidentially. Without your consent no information will be provided to third parties.

Obviously, all of your personal data that is discussed in your treatment will be treated confidentially. No information will be provided to third parties without your consent. For more information, I would like to refer you to our privacy regulations.

Legislation and complaints
Praktijk van Dillen works by the professional codes and guidelines provided by the Dutch Institute for Psychologists (NIP), the Healthcare Professions Act (BIG) and the Dutch Association for Sexologists (NVVS).

In case you have a complaint about the treatment, you are invited to discuss this with me. If this doesn’t sufficiently solve the problem, you file a complaint. For more information I refer to the ‘folder klachten’ (pamphlet) and the ‘klachtenformulier’ (complaint form). I will provide a translated version when needed. Also, you can contact the professional association NVVS (